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Хакерот Гари МекКинон - Соло, останува во Британија

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26 март 2007
Hacker Gary McKinnon stays in Britain …


British hacker Gary McKinnon, 41, can, after all, appeal his extradition to the US.

It was feared McKinnon, aka Solo who’s described himself as a “bumbling computer nerd,” would be forced on an unwanted trip to the US to face charges of breaking into U.S. military and government computer networks.

UK home secretary John Reid had approved the American demands to send McKinnon to America for trial even though his lawyers had argued he’d been subjected to “improper threats” and the extradition would breach his human rights.

Now the man who started his hacking career looking for proof of a UFO cover-up by penetrating American computers can appeal his extradition to Britain’s highest court, the House of Lords, says Computerworld, adding:

“At one point, McKinnon’s solicitors of Kaim Todner LLC said they feared their client might be sent to Guantanamo Bay, the U.S. military prison and interrogation center at the Cuban naval base, if he was returned to the U.S.”

The case will be heard sometime after the first of the year, says the story.

‘Solo’ is, ” accused of cracking include networks owned by NASA (although these were not password protected), the US Army, US Navy, Department of Defense and the US Air Force. The US estimates claim the costs of tracking and correcting the problems he allegedly caused were around $700,000,” says the Wikiepedia, adding:

Повеќе: http://www.p2pnet.net/story/13742



29 мај 2007
Го имам гледано интервјуто што американски новинари го направија со него (не сум баш сигурен, но мислам дека беше овој хакер...) Со оглед на тоа што цел на неговите напади било да дојде до доказ и да ја дознае вистината што Американските Власти со години ја кријат во врска со UFO Crash at Roswell, вонземјани, НЛО и сл. , новинарите го прашаа што дознал по неговиот неовластен пристап до системите на НАСА, Американското Министерство за Одбрана, Американската Морнарица и сл. , тој одговори само дека го дознал тоа што сакал да го дознае !!!
Ха Ха даде интересен одговор, а јас баш би сакал да дознаев што всушност тој дознал, барем да кажеше едно ДА или НЕ, нема потреба од повеќе :)
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