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The Most Annoying Software Out There

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13 мај 2008
Adobe Reader - Using open source PDF reader "Evince Document Viewer" instead. Result? Software does not annoy.

Apple iTunes - Using open source music program "Amarok". Result? Software does not annoy (and works much better than iTunes as well).

Windows Update - Using Genuine Linux Distro "Ubuntu". Result? No licensing restrictions, no DRM, no repeated system restarts, no service packs to fix the previous service pack, that fixed the previous service pack, that fixed months old critical bugs.

RealPlayer - Avoiding RealPlayer like the plague it is (using "Amarok" for the same functionality, if not the same file format). Result? No privacy leaks, no ads, no reporting back to Real on what I listen to or where I visit on the web.

Java - Using Sun's Java without the Yahoo toolbar. Result? Java is reasonably well behaved. Looking forward to truly open-sourced Java in the near future.

Yahoo - Use Yahoo's maps to check up on Google results. Use Yahoo throw-away email when I need to be a little bit stealthy. Otherwise avoid Yahoo.com like the plague it is. Result? Happy camper.

Norton Antivirus - Using upgraded OS "Linux" so that viruses are not a problem. Result? Viruses? I don't have no stinking viruses!

Preinstalled software bundles - Using upgraded OS "Linux" so that preinstalled software bundles are not a problem. Result? Preinstalled software bundles? I don't have no stinking preinstalled software bundles!

Outlook/Exchange - Using "Evolution". The jury is still out on whether "Evolution" is worth using verses online calendar and scheduling web sites.

Flash - Using...nothing. Avoiding flash based websites like the plague they are. Results? Fast web page loading, no privacy issues, no vector for malware installation, only see web pages that actually provide links to relevant content.


Оригинално на http://tech.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=558646&cid=23476568

И морам да постирам еден коментар на тој текст, поврзан е со оваа тема http://it.com.mk/forum/showthread.php?p=55672#post55672 :D

Personally, iTunes was the biggest reason why I installed Debian etch on my mom's laptop. She doesn't know her own root password, of course; I'm the one adminning it for her. A bit of a hassle for me to set up at first, but now it works fine, and it has the rock solid stability of Debian. She loves it, and in her own words, "a lot less bullshitty than that other thing." She doesn't know the other thing is called Sony Vaio's default Windows XP install with all that crapware it comes with out of the box.

The Shadow

30 март 2008
bas i ne se slozuvam so site ovie "Annoying Software",osven so nekolku kako primerot so Yahoo.
BTW bi bilo dobro da prevedes,taka go neguvame nasiot jazik.


13 мај 2008
Уф ама го замрсивте вие, ова стварно ќе треба преведување :D

Малку саркастично е напишано тоа, у стило - место Norton и слични антивируси (и Windows) користете го далеку посупериорниот Linux (у поглед на вируси).


On your way to fame
14 декември 2007
@fiascooo & @The Shadow
Неможе со сигурност да се каже дека на Linux нема вируси, туку едноставно, можноста за инфицирање на линух е многу мала.. Многу е помала бројката на луѓе кои што се трудат да изработат некаков си "штетник" за линух од колку на windows, затоа што каде каде на денешницава windowsot е повеќе користен.. Точно дека linuxot е многу посигурен, но никој не гарантира дека не постои начин да се инфицирате..
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