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Представена најновата Linux дистрибуција - Foresight 1.4.2!

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Gaining Experience
10 ноември 2007
Hello Linux lovers! Please allow me to introduce you my new friend, Foresight Linux, a Linux distribution that got my full attention. In this cruel world of Linux reigned by Ubuntu and its derivatives, a new ‘player’ is more than welcomed, considering its features and capabilities are meant to attract the attention of most people. So what makes it more special than the average distributions? Well, just like its name says, Foresight (the word) is defined as the act of looking forward or a view forward, in the future. It’s been designed to bring the greatest, bleeding edge releases of the Gnome desktop and applications.

Moreover, it’s one of the very few distributions that ships with Conary, a revolutionary software management system and the first that provides PackageKit as the GUI for software management system.

Another feature worth mentioning that makes Foresight stand out from the crowd is the fact that developers are rolling Gnome application releases instead of waiting 6 months for the next Gnome release to update packages. For instance, if tomorrow will be released version 0.14 of Banshee Music Player, Foresight users will get that version the next time they do a conary updateall. Ubuntu, for example, won’t get version 0.14 untill the release of Ubuntu 8.04. Until then, they only get bug fixes and security updates - versions 0.13.1, 0.13.2 and so on.

And last but not least, support is great. The folks on #[email protected] try their best to help and they’re also cool and fun. ;-)

The latest version of Foresight Linux is 1.4.2 and its main features are provided by the following applications:

Gnome v2.20.2 :: Foresight Linux is proud to be the first distribution which ships with the latest Gnome desktop environment and an innovative set of excellent, up-to-date packages.
Beagle v0.2.18 :: Search tool that ransacks your personal information space to find whatever you’re looking for.
Epiphany v2.20.2 :: Browse the web with ease.
F-spot v0.4.0 :: Personal photo management.
Banshee v0.13.1 :: Music management and playback.
Avahi v0.6.20 :: implementation of Zeroconf networking
Hal v0.5.9 :: Hardware abstraction layer that makes hardware just work.
Conary v1.2.7 :: A new way of looking at package management.
PackageKit v0.1.4 :: An unified package manager and installer using the Conary backend.
OpenOffice.org v2.3.0 :: Suite of Productivity Applications.
Mono v1.2.5 :: .NET implementation for Linux.
Foresight Linux is also the official Gnome Live CD, which means one couldn’t use a better distribution to try out the latest features and improvements of the Gnome desktop

Повеќе информации на: http://www.linuxlove.org/2007/12/02...-distribution-that-stands-out-from-the-crowd/

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