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Novi 2 dupki vo windows!!!

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Gaining Experience
27 октомври 2007
Microsoft has released 2 security bulletins -- one "critical" and one "important" (MS07-061 to MS07-062) -- covering 2 separate vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilites affect the following Windows operating systems: Windows 2000 Server Service Pack 4, Windows XP, and Windows
Server 2003.

General risks consist of:

Remote code execution
This update resolves a publicly reported vulnerability. A remote code execution vulnerability exists in the way that the Windows shell handles specially crafted URIs that are passed to it. If the Windows shell did not sufficiently validate these URIs, an attacker could exploit this vulnerability and execute arbitrary code. Microsoft has only identified ways to exploit this vulnerability on systems using Internet Explorer 7. However, the vulnerability exists in a Windows file, Shell32.dll, which is included in all supported editions of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.
This spoofing vulnerability exists in Windows DNS Servers and could allow an attacker to send specially crafted responses to DNS requests, thereby spoofing or redirecting Internet traffic from legitimate locations.

Definitivno treba da se zamislite za bezbednosta.
Eve i nesto sto mislam deka treba da go ima na ovaa tema:
Microsoft has released patches for two issues affecting Microsoft DNS Server running on Windows 2000/2003 Server and Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 running on Windows XP/2003 Server. The latter vulnerability was disclosed on September 1, 2007. On October 26, 2007, McAfee started to observe increased exploitation of this unpatched Internet Explorer 7 URI Handler vulnerability in the wild. At this time, several noteworthy Microsoft vulnerabilities remain unpatched. These include a Microsoft Windows HLP file processing vulnerability, a Microsoft Windows Internet Connection Sharing vulnerability, a Microsoft Windows Explorer Vulnerability, three Visual Studio malformed file vulnerabilities, and a PowerPoint 2003 malformed file vulnerability.
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