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Microsoft исплашен од британските полицајци [XP hack]

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26 март 2007
Microsoft 'frightened' by police XP hack

Microsoft has described the ease with which two officers from the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency managed to hack into Windows XP as both "enlightening and frightening".

At a Get Safe Online event on Monday aimed at heightening security awareness among small businesses, officers connected a machine running Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) to an unsecured wireless network. The machine was running no antivirus, firewall, or anti-spyware, and contained a sample target file of passwords to be stolen.

The Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) officers, who are e-crime specialists, wished to remain anonymous. A SOCA spokesperson explained that to make covert operations easier "all SOCA officers below a certain level are anonymous, as it is not helpful to have our identities known".

One of the officers, "Mick", remained behind a screen while connecting to the unsecured wireless network and carrying out the hack into the unpatched computer of fellow officer "Andy".

"It's easy to connect to an unsecured wireless network," said Mick. "You could equate Andy with being in his bedroom, while I'm scanning for networks outside in my car. If I ordered or viewed illegal materials, it would come back to Andy."

Mick used a common, open-source exploit-finding tool he had downloaded from the internet. SOCA asked ZDNet.co.uk not to divulge the name of the tool.

"You can download attack tools from the internet, and even script kiddies can use this one," said Mick.

Mick found the IP address of his own computer by using the XP Wireless Network Connection Status dialogue box. He deduced the IP address of Andy's computer by typing different numerically adjacent addresses in that IP range into the attack tool, then scanning the addresses to see if they belonged to a vulnerable machine.
Повеќе: http://news.zdnet.co.uk/security/0,1000000189,39290736,00.htm?r=1



12 јуни 2007
tu. golema rabota.
Imase nekoja statija sega skoro na yahoo bas citav neznam vo koja africka zemja lugeto mobilnite gi koristele mnogu pametno. Navodno ako nemale kredit na mobilniot tie samo ppustale signal za da znae drugiot deka go bara, ili po nase zmija :)
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