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Macedonia gives each student a computer workstation

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31 март 2007
The Republic of Macedonia has struck a deal with the NComputing that will
provide 180,000 computer workstations to students. The “Computer for
Every Child” program is not waiting for the One laptop per child project and
will have enough workstations to provide every elementary and secondary
school student with their own desktop. These workstations are Linux based
PC’s and come at less than half the cost of any of the other possible
solutions. The workstations are based on virtual PC’s and with half the
students attending school in the morning and the other half in the
afternoon each child will actually share a computer but still have their own
virtual desktop.

“The Computer for Every Child initiative is the largest and most important
education project undertaken in the 15-year history of the Republic of
Macedonia,” according Ivo Ivanovski, Macedonia’s Minister for the
Information Society.

The NComputing solution of using shared terminals with virtual desktops
sounds like a great idea, there are a lot of other areas that could and
should take advantage of this. I can sadly say that schools here in the US
we could also use some updated computing power for our students. Many
classrooms have limited access to computers and share 1 or 2 workstations
with an entire class.


Содржината ми налета на Англиски, ако ја најдете на Македонски, постирајте ја тука.

Некако ми е многу чудно сето ова што се одвива...


8 март 2007
Shto ti e chudno be? Ok mi e mene potegov, mozhe malku e izbrzan i necelosno spremen ama ke vidime... inicijativata e dopadliva.

Interesno e i toa shto ke gi uchat decata da rabotat na Linux platformi, a administracijata e na Windows. :p


17 август 2007

znacitelno ke se zgolemi brojot na hakeri vo makedonija :LOL: :LOL:

btw interesen post sto go procitav na edna od stranite

May the SOURCE be with them. Haha, what more can you ask for? Star Wars+Linux=Sex


19 јуни 2007
Denes i ubuntu.com ja objavi vesta...

Every Macedonian Student to Use Ubuntu-Powered Computer Workstations

Popular Linux Distribution To Appear On More than 180,000 Classroom Desktops Nationwide

LONDON, November 20th, 2007 - The Macedonia Ministry of Education and Science will deploy more than 180,000 workstations running Canonical’s Edubuntu 7.04 as part of its "Computer for Every Child" project.

The Macedonia "Computer for Every Child" project is one of the largest known thin client and desktop Linux deployments ever undertaken. Half of elementary and secondary Macedonia students attend school in the morning, and half attend in the afternoon, so 180,000 workstations will allow for one classroom computing device per student for the entire Republic's public school population. The first 7000 computers pre-installed with Ubuntu were shipped on September 4th 2007

Ubuntu is the award-winning Linux distribution for the desktop, laptop, thin client and server which brings together the best of open source software every six months. It is free, community-developed and contains all of the necessary applications to be up and running immediately, from web browser to instant messaging. It also comes with English and Macedonian language packs.

"The Computer for Every Child initiative is the largest and most important education project undertaken in the 15-year history of the Republic of Macedonia," said Ivo Ivanovski, Macedonia's Minister for the Information Society. "By selecting Ubuntu as the operating system for all of our classroom virtual PCs, our education system can provide computer-based education for all school children within the limited financial and infrastructural confines that most institutions face today."

"Macedonia is showing tremendous vision by deciding its own destiny in choosing how its children will learn through computing – said Mark Shuttleworth, founder of the Ubuntu project. "By choosing Ubuntu which is free to modify, use and redistribute it turns students into participants in Information Technology and not simply consumers of it.

The Ubuntu operating system will run on 160,000 virtual PC terminals and 20,000 PCs (which each also support a student on the attached monitor) supplied by NComputing and procured and installed by The Haier Company, a diversified manufacturer and PC maker based in China.

The project will enable a range of innovative educational programs, including interactive web-based classes in which specialized experts teach lessons in such areas as mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics to multiple schools and classrooms around the country.

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