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ESET napravi zastita i za Linux

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27 октомври 2007
November 14, 2007

ESET Introduces Malware Protection for Enterprise and SMB Linux Environments

New Gateway, File and Mail Solutions Provide Industry-leading Detection at Lightning-Fast Scanning Speed

SAN DIEGO—November 14, 2007—ESET, the leader in proactive threat protection, today unveiled three new Linux solutions for enterprise and SMB network environments. The new Gateway, File and Mail solutions are built on the company’s award-winning ESET NOD32 Antivirus scanning engine and provide Linux users with the highest level of malware protection with little impact on network performance.

“As organizations continue to grow their Linux network infrastructure, they will require highly scalable and robust security solutions that will tightly integrate with their Linux environments,” said Miroslav Trnka, co-founder and CTO of ESET. “ESET’s solutions, with their minimal impact on network performance and highly-configurable design, are perfectly suited for Linux environments of all sizes. And as the Linux platforms continue to evolve, ESET will continue to develop the most efficient and innovative malware solutions on the market.”

Built upon ESET’s powerful ThreatSense® technology for proactive malware identification, these products feature an unprecedented scanning speed and detection rate. The small footprint and fast performance make the solutions optimally suited for the challenging environment of systems with heavy network traffic, and the solutions can be used in unison or separately to meet the specific needs of organizations of all sizes and configurations.

ESET Gateway Security for Linux/FreeBSD
ESET Gateway Security greatly enhances network security by standing in the first line of defense against evolving threats, protecting an organization’s HTTP and FTP gateway from known and unknown viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and phishing. All inbound and outbound web traffic is automatically checked for signs of known and new malware using the powerful ThreatSense scanning engine to ensure the safety and high performance of large HTTP object downloads.

ESET Mail Security for Linux/FreeBSD
ESET Mail Security for Linux specifically protects mail servers against all kinds of Internet threats, while simultaneously scanning for spyware and spam in all inbound and outbound traffic. It also enables custom configuration by mailbox and filters to limit scanning based on file size, nested archives and scanning time.

ESET File Security for Linux/FreeBSD
ESET File Security for Linux provides Linux / FreeBSD file servers with both on-demand and on-access malware protection via real-time monitoring and control of the entire file system.

In addition to the unique functionality in the ESET Gateway, Mail and File Security applications, ESET’s new Linux solutions share many of ESET’s key product features, including:

* Multi-processor support: Dramatically improves performance, allowing multiple files to be scanned at once.
* ThreatSense.Net sample submission system: Linux users will also benefit from ESET’s ThreatSense.Net, an online early warning system. ThreatSense.Net monitors global malware epidemics based on information gathered from two-way communication between ESET NOD32 Antivirus users and ESET’s ThreatLab.

ESET Gateway, File and Mail Security solutions for Linux are available immediately and support all major Linux distributions including Red Hat, Fedora, Mandriva, SuSE, Ubuntu and Debian. For more information or to download your free trial of ESET’s Linux solutions, please visit www.eset.com.

Izvor www.eset.com


14 април 2007
Ќе се плаќа овај софтвер или не бидејки пиши "download your free trial"?


Gaining Experience
27 октомври 2007
e ne znam ovaja vest e prevzemena od oficijalniot sajt na nod32 www.eset.com i kako i sekoja antivirusna programa verojatno ke se naplakja sepak po kratko vreme ke mozes da si ja najdes na internet za download od nekoj torent mada ne go poddrzuvam ovoj nacin na dobivanje zastita za kompjuter
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