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Deviantart Art Theft!!!

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On your way to fame
14 април 2007
mislam deka e pravo mesto
dobiv pm od admini tamu

ima Arabic site koj e ukral mnogu resursi .psd stock ... eve go sto mi pratija
We have all been thieved ):
We apologize if you already know of this situation, but:


It's an Arabic site, with visitors from mostly the Egypt and Saudi Arabia area. The IP address originated from Dallas, Texas for some reason.

The site has stolen many stock images, textures, brushes, and photoshop tutorials/psd's from various deviants here on DA, including us.

As far as we know, none of these works were reposted with permission. There was not even a notification of the site reposting the works, and no link back to the original artist either.

There are 460 pages of stolen PSD's, with 9 thumbnails on each page. My friend helped me find your names among the first 15 pages, by hovering over the thumbnails. The artist names aren't even matched correctly with the thumbanils. Browse through the pages. You're sure to find something of yours there.

We're sorry for this situation, and if anyone here knows Arabic, we would all appreciate it if you could contact the administrator of the site at [email protected]
The email might not even go through, but it's worth a try.
Here's some more info in the website: http://whois.domaintools.com/gulfson.com

Again, we're very sorry for this situation. We didn't even think our stock was good enough to be stolen, lol. Some of your amazing psd's are, unfortunately, there. But if you would like to help by making a list of the artists who have been stolen from, please reply to this note and we will assign you a certain amount of pages to do. This would really help.

Best wishes to all.
za prevod moze da se iskoristi google
ne e sovrsen ali koristi

mnogu se namacile se toa da simnat a de gi smenile duri ni slikite na preview
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On your way to fame
14 април 2007
vide li kolku .psd ukrale
i poglmen del se od +mw art grupata na koj i jas sum clen
ja izvestivme host companijata vo ubrzo vreme ke bide trgnat sajtot


16 февруари 2008
Стално ќе има ваков "паметен" народ... Да не бидам скептик, ама овие ќе ги тргнат, уште 5 ќе никнат... А знам како би ми било мене некој така да ми ги користи девиациите...
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On your way to fame
14 април 2007
znaes mene ne mi preci
jas psd gi objavuvam na ne tolku dobrite raboti onie na koi vezbam experimentiram
a dobrite gi objavuvam samo na VIP prostori na forumi koi gi vodam ili sum aktiven
taka da samo staff moze da gi gleda
a dokolku me prasale mene ili nekoj od +mw familijata bi im dale dozvola da gi objavat
ili nie bi gi objavile na nivniot forum seedno
ali ovaka nisto ne se postiza

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