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Cisco хакер обвинет во Шведска

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26 март 2007
Alleged Cisco hacker convicted in Sweden, bewails fate

19-year-old admits he built the tools but says he didn't crack the boxes

November 21, 2007 -- (Computer Sweden) -- A 19-year-old from Uppsala, Sweden, has been found guilty on seven counts of unauthorized access to Swedish university servers and research computers. He is also suspected by the FBI of breaking into servers at Cisco Systems and stealing classified source code.

The man, who was no older than 16 when the crimes were committed, was found guilty by the court of appeals on Monday. He will have to pay about $32,000 to three Swedish universities and to the national supercomputer center in Linköping. The man, who had no previous record, was also given a suspended prison sentence.

In a separate investigation being carried out by the FBI, the same man is suspected of breaking into Cisco servers in May 2004 and stealing source code for networking equipment, which was later posted online. The FBI has made a formal request for the Swedish authorities to investigate the Cisco incident.

Prosecutor Chatrine Rudström said she welcomed the verdict. She is now deciding whether the charges requested by the FBI can be pressed against the "Uppsala hacker," as he has become known. "We are about to finish the investigation and will then make a decision," she told Computer Sweden.

The U.S. has not submitted an extradition request, according to Rudström.

The 19-year-old said immediately after his conviction that he will take the verdict to the Supreme Court. He contends that the Court of Appeals did not fully understand the advanced technical evidence presented to them, and called the verdict "a tragedy."

"They have destroyed my life before I'm even a grown-up," he said.

Повеќе: http://computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=viewArticleBasic&taxonomyName=cybercrime_and_hacking&articleId=9048540&taxonomyId=82&intsrc=kc_top


Според The Register:

Cisco hack suspect convicted of breaking into universities

A Swedish teenager suspected of hacking into the network of Cisco systems has been convicted of cracking into the systems of three local universities.

The unnamed 19-year-old from Uppsala, Sweden, was ordered to pay $25,000 damages to his victims on Monday after a Swedish appeal court overturned a previous acquittal by a district court and found him guilty of seven counts of unauthorised access, AP reports.

The teen, who plans to appeal to the Swedish Supreme Court, was convicted of hacking into the systems of Linköping, Umea, and Uppsala Universities as well as the national supercomputer centre in Linköping during 2004. He was also given a suspended sentence as well as a fine.

He admits creating tools used in the attack, but not perpetrating the assault. "They have destroyed my life before I'm even a grown-up," he told Computer Sweden.

FBI officials questioned the youngster last year over allegations that he broke into Cisco's network and stole source code, allegations he denies. Samples of the code were posted online after the May 2004 breach. US authorities have put the ongoing investigation into the hands of the Swedes, prosecutor Catherine Rudstrom told AP. ®

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