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Бугарски cybercrime.bg центар

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26 март 2007
Bulgarian Cyber attack

Interior Minister Roumen Petkov presided at the October 22 launch of cybercrime.bg, a website to gather information about cyber-crimes in Bulgaria.

The ambitious project, part of the ministry’s efforts in fighting cyber-crime, was launched days after media reports about a major online bank fraud.

On October 18, commercial national television station bTV reported that a hacker had attacked the bank accounts of a businessman from the town of Vratsa. The report said that Vesko Kamenov, owner of Beton CB, had complained that money had gone missing from his bank account at the Vratsa branch of UniCredit Bulbank. An investigation found that between 11.30am and 2pm on September 14, four bank transfers to a total value of 47 860 leva were made from Kamenov’s accounts.
The hacker attack emanated from London, police said.

Kamenov’s office computer was hacked and full information about his bank account was copied. Using this information, the hacker ordered a transfer of 15 980 leva from Kamenov’s account to an account at Central Cooperative Bank, another transfer of 9780 leva to an account at Allianz Bulgaria, a 15 900 leva transfer to an account at First Investment Bank and a fourth transfer of 6200 to an account at DSK Bank.

The four people in whose names these accounts were held transferred the money to foreign banks, being paid commissions for doing so. BTV said that one of the four transferred money to two bank accounts in Kiev. Hours after the transactions, Kamenov discovered the fraud and alerted the authorities. His bank accounts were blocked, and later 6200 leva was returned by DSK Bank and 9780 leva by Allianz Bulgaria. Police were seeking to recover a further 6955 leva.
Повеќе: http://www.sofiaecho.com/article/bulgarian-cyber-attack/id_25712/catid_23



12 јуни 2007
Ех тие го исчистија обичниот криминал, па сега сајбер криминалот ќе го чистеле... Мрзам DDoS, ама понекогаш како ми иде желба да им им стопам некој кабел :devil2:
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